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Patrick Bromley

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid - Review

By November 25, 2012

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Chris Hardwick MandroidChris Hardwick is a nerd and proud of it.

On his first-ever stand-up special, Mandroid, Hardwick casually name-drops Harry Potter multiple times. He makes jokes about Twitter and MySpace and goofs on the jocks who bullied him growing up. He is a nerd, yes, but one who has made good -- one with his own Comedy Central special and podcast network to run, spearheaded by Hardwick's own terrific Nerdist podcast. He's a busy guy, and Mandroid is the culmination of years of hard work.

The special might not be for everyone -- stand-up seems to be getting more and more splintered these days, apparently following the same model as the music industry, where who you are is defined by who you like and vice versa -- but Hardwick does his best not to be too exclusionary. There's something in Mandroid for everyone, provided you're willing to sit through a couple of Petronus jokes to get there.

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