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Patrick Bromley

Rory Scovel Signs a Development Deal with ABC

By November 25, 2012

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Rory ScovelThe TV landscape continues to resemble the mid-90s with all the stand-up comics who are landing network development deals. Though not every new comedian sitcom will make it to air, major networks are showing tremendous confidence in the comedians in whom they are investing these days. Now we can add Rory Scovel to that list.

Laughspin reports that Scovel has signed a deal with ABC to star in a multicamera sitcom called Big Children, in which he'll play a thirtysomething forced to move back in with his parents. So, no, the premise doesn't suggest a lot of originality, but sitcoms are not built on premises. It's the cast, the characters and the jokes that define the truly great sitcoms, and Scovel has the potential to do something really original here. If the show can tap into his comedic voice and make it work for wide audiences, this will be a great show. The other option is that his comedy will be diluted and bled out in favor of broad jokes and laugh tracks. I'd like to think that the sitcom has advanced well beyond that point now -- look no further than Community, Louie, Happy Endings and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for proof of that.

Speaking of Sunny, Big Children was created by Scott Marder, who is also an executive producer on the cult FX series (and who created Unsupervised, another half-hour comedy for FX). There's a lot of potential here, and it's great that Scovel is getting this kind of opportunity to break out. Don't mess it up, ABC.

Big Children will premiere when it premieres, if it ever airs at all.

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December 11, 2012 at 2:55 pm
(1) castingj says:

When you describe the show that way, it doesn’t sound original, but the premise isn’t just about a thirtysomething that has to move home with his parents. The premise is different…..he has to move back home with his parents so he can act as their parent since they are acting like children….so it is more original then most others about the slacker moving home to his parents. just wanted to clarify.

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