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The Five Funniest Adam Sandler Movies - Comedians - About.com
Dig a little further, though, and there's a brilliant absurdist comedy underneath -- tons of bizarre and hilarious jokes fill the frame. In his first major outing as a ...
Funniest Jokes by Mitch Hedberg - Comedians - About.com
... made absurd observations that were so silly and obvious and deceptively brilliant. He was one of the greats, and he is missed. Celebrate Hedberg's comedy ...
Michael Ian Black Profile - Comedians - About.com
As a former member of comedy troupes The State and Stella, Black honed his gifts for absurdist humor. Now, as a stand-up comedian and frequent pop culture  ...
9 Absurd First Pitches That Are So Awful, They're Funny - Web Humor
From celebs with zero hand-eye coordination to a baby T-Rex, here are 9 of the weirdest, funniest first pitches ever thrown.
The Best TV Comedies/Sitcoms of 2012 - About.com
C.K. continues to push boundaries with a show that can resemble a surreal art film one week, a slice-of-life drama the next and a vulgar laugh-out-loud comedy  ...
Daisy Owl Site Profile - Web Humor - About.com
... like Calvin and Hobbes, where absurdist humor melds together with strong, likable characters and an engrossing story making a near-perfect beast of a comic.
FDR: American Badass! Horror Comedy Movie DVD Review
Sep 25, 2012 ... Despite the werewolf angle, the horror aspect takes a backseat to the absurdist comedy, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even the ...
Top Political Cartoon Books - Political Humor - About.com
Deploying Sorensen's trademark brand of absurdist humor, this collection chronicles our country's not-so-gradual demise, lambastes political hypocrisies, and ...
The Best and Worst Comedy War Films - War Movies - About.com
The comedy and the war film are two genres that don't automatically lend themselves to ... It's absurdist cinema at its best: The U.S. Army attacking one of its own ...
Wet Hot American Summer Review - Comedians - About.com
DVD cover art for 2001 comedy film Wet Hot American Summer - Photo courtesy ... It's partly a healthy dose of absurdist humor -- there's a real "see what sticks" ...
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