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The Most Sarcastic Stand-Up Comedians - About.com
Sarcasm is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of any comedian, mostly because it's a great way to make fun of stuff. These comedians turn sarcasm into  ...
Top 10 Lists - Comedians - About.com
See if you agree with these top 10 lists of all things comedy, from the best sketch comedy shows of all time to the 10 best Bill Murray movies.
Top Ten Political Comedians in America - About.com
It might seem like political comedians have an easy job -- to take shots at leaders and bureaucrats for whom the public at large already have a healthy dose of ...
Jokes & Comedians: Stand Up Comedy, joke lists, sarcastic wit
Aug 20, 2004 ... First, I feel I've got the sarcastic wit and sense of humor to do comedy, but my memory is horrible. Can someone who has trouble remembering ...
Bill Murray Biography - Biography of Comedian and Actor Bill Murray
Read about Bill Murray, the comedian and movie star of Ghostbusters, Scrooged and ... Fifth Season - DVD Review · The Top Five Most Sarcastic Comedians.
Blue Collar Comedy - Comedians - About.com
Learn what Blue Collar Comedy is and who qualifies as a Blue Collar Comedian. ... to Comedy Radio Online · Blue Collar Jobs · The Top Five Most Sarcastic ...
Prop Comedians - 5 Comedians Who Use Props or Puppets
Often considered the lowest man on the comedy totem pole, prop comics (and, by ... The Most Sarcastic Comedians · Five Essential Musical Comedy Teams.
Jon Reep Biography - Biography of Stand-up Comedian Jon Reep
Read a biography of comedian and Last Comic Standing winner Jon Reep. ... The Top Five Most Sarcastic Comedians · The Birth of Modern Stand-Up: Comedy ...
Comedy Reviews - Comedians - About.com
Read reviews of stand-up specials, movies and DVDs featuring comedians and ... Top Five Sarcastic Comedians · Comedians Who Failed to Become Movie ...
Jokes & Comedians/how to increase my sense of humor - AllExperts
Oct 15, 2006 ... dry sense of humor, stephen colbert, sarcastic humor: Corey -- You always make people laugh, and yet you want to be funnier?
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