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TV Sketch Comedies - Comedians - About.com
Learn all about your favorite sketch comedy shows, from long-running giants like Saturday Night Live to one-season wonders like The Dana Carvey Show.
Sketch - Glossary of comedy terms - comedy term Sketch - Comedians
A sketch is a short comedy scene, typically performed by two or more actors either live on stage or recorded for TV or DVD.
Top 9 Sketch Comedy Shows of the 1990s - Comedians - About.com
The 1990s were the most prolific decade for TV sketch comedy. From long-lasting network giants like Saturday Night Live to basic cable cult shows like The ...
Sketch Comedy - Definition of Sketch Comedy - TV Comedies
What is a sketch comedy? Find out the definition of this term.
Improv Locations - Setting Ideas for Improv and Sketch Comedy
An alphabetical list of settings for improvisation exercises and sketch comedy, from an art gallery to a zoo.
TV Sketch Comedies - Mr. Show - Everything You Want to Know ...
Mr. Show is one of the best sketch comedies of all time -- certainly the best of the 1990s. Though it lasted only four seasons on HBO, its legacy can't be ...
Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan - List of ...
They may even let you participate. To help you find your best sense-of-humor fit, here is a list of Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan: ...
Stevie TV - Review of the VH1 Sketch Comedy - TV Comedies
Stevie TV is a mediocre sketch-comedy series showcasing YouTube star Stevie Ryan, whose pop-culture parodies are better suited to brief distractions online ...
The State Profile - The State Sketch Comedy Group - Profile of the ...
The State is a 1990s sketch comedy that ran on MTV written by and starring the New York-based sketch group of the same name. Though it ran for only three ...
Saturday Night Live TV Sketch Comedy - Saturday ... - Comedians
Saturday Night Live TV Sketch Comedy - Information and articles about Saturday Night Live, the late night NBC sketch comedy show that's been around for ...
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