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TV Sketch Comedies - Comedians - About.com
Learn all about your favorite sketch comedy shows, from long-running giants like Saturday Night Live to one-season wonders like The Dana Carvey Show.
Top 9 Sketch Comedy Shows of the 1990s - Comedians - About.com
The 1990s were the most prolific decade for TV sketch comedy. From long-lasting network giants like Saturday Night Live to basic cable cult shows like The ...
TV Sketch Comedies - Mr. Show - Everything You Want to Know ...
Mr. Show is one of the best sketch comedies of all time -- certainly the best of the 1990s. Though it lasted only four seasons on HBO, its legacy can't be ...
Sketch Comedy - Definition of Sketch Comedy - TV Comedies
What is a sketch comedy? Find out the definition of this term.
Sketch - Glossary of comedy terms - comedy term Sketch - Comedians
A sketch is a short comedy scene, typically performed by two or more actors. They may be performed live in a theater setting, such as at Second City in Chicago, ...
The State Profile - The State Sketch Comedy Group - Profile of the ...
The State is a 1990s sketch comedy that ran on MTV written by and starring the New York-based sketch group of the same name. Though it ran for only three ...
Saturday Night Live TV Sketch Comedy - Saturday ... - Comedians
Saturday Night Live TV Sketch Comedy - Information and articles about Saturday Night Live, the late night NBC sketch comedy show that's been around for ...
11 Movies Based on 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches - Comedians
To this day, they remain blights on the sketch comedy show's reputation, which became known more for bad movies than for good TV. Let's all be thankful that ...
Improv Locations - Setting Ideas for Improv and Sketch Comedy
An alphabetical list of settings for improvisation exercises and sketch comedy, from an art gallery to a zoo.
Stevie TV - Review of the VH1 Sketch Comedy - TV Comedies
Stevie TV is a mediocre sketch-comedy series showcasing YouTube star Stevie Ryan, whose pop-culture parodies are better suited to brief distractions online ...
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