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How to Break Into Stand-up Comedy

Wondering how to get your own stand-up career off the ground? Check out these helpful tips on how to get started in comedy, from how to develop material to where you should begin performing.

How to Break into Stand-up: 10 Tips for Beginner Comedians
Starting out in stand-up comedy can be overwhelming and a little scary. Before you freak out, check out this helpful list of tips on improving your act and getting over failure for new and struggling stand-up comedians.

Organizing an Open Mic Reader Responses - Open Mic Reader Responses
If you've hosted your own comedy open mic, here's where you can share how you made sure it was a success. Help other readers host their open mics and break into stand-up comedy with your experiences.

Break Into Stand-up Comedy - Open Mic - How to Organize an Open Mic
Check out these tips on how to organize your own open mic night for a do-it-yourself approach on breaking in to stand-up comedy.

How to Dress for Your Stand-up Gig
So you're ready to break into stand-up comedy, but now you're wondering how to dress for your stand-up comedy gig. Check out these helpful suggestions before stepping out on stage.

How to Break in to Stand-up Comedy
Before you start your career as a professional stand-up comedian, read these helpful tips about creating and working out material, climbing the comedy club ladder, what to do when you bomb and more.

So You Wanna Be a Stand-up Comedian
The "So You Wanna" website offers this overview on becoming a stand-up comedian, including examples of professional comics you may want to model yourself after.

Writing for Comedians
If you want a career in comedy but don't want to be on stage, this short article from eHow.com gives tips on how to write and sell material to stand-up comics.

Becoming a Comic Video Series
Expertvillage.com offers this free online video series on breaking into stand-up comedy.

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