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Profiles of Classic Comedians

Learn all about the most popular standup comedians of the past, including their standup careers, film and TV work and comedy albums.
  1. George Carlin (2)

Sid Caeser - Biography
Read a biography of legendary comedian Sid Caesar, star of Your Show of Shows and pioneer of television comedy.

Harold Ramis - Biography
Fromt 'SCTV' to 'Ghostbusters' to 'Groundhoug Day,' Harold Ramis is a comedy legend, responsible for many of the most beloved and successful comedy movies of all time. Read all about his life and work here.

David Brenner - Biography
Read a biography of stand-up comedian David Brenner, who died in March 2014.

Mitch Hedberg - Biography
Read a biography of the late, great stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg, king of the deadpan one-liner and author of the classic albums 'Mitch All Together' and 'Do You Believe in Gosh?'.

Phyllis Diller - Biography
Phyllis Diller wasn't just a comedian -- she was an icon and a legend that paved the way for generations of female comics. Read all about her life and work here.

Chevy Chase - Biography
Chevy Chase isn't just an icon of 1980s comedy, but a founding member of 'Saturday Night Live' and a defining voice of the early days of 'National Lampoon.' Read all about the comedian and actor's life here.

Bill Hicks - Biography
"Comic's comic" Bill Hicks made a huge impact on the world of stand-up comedy before passing away too young at age 34. Read all about his life and career here.

Steve Martin - Biography
Read a biography of comedian, actor, writer and musician Steve Martin, star of 'The Jerk,' the 'Cheaper by the Dozen Films' and more as well as the author of 'Born Standing Up,' a memoir about his life in comedy.

Gallagher - Biography
Gallagher is best known for smashing watermelons (and other objects) with a sledgehammer. But did you know the godfather of prop comedy has been performing stand-up for over 40 years? Read about his life and work here.

Don Rickles - Profile
Read a profile of comedian, actor and author Don Rickles, the all-time king of insult comedy with over 50 years performing stand-up.

Robert Klein - Biography
Robert Klein is one of the most influential comedians of all time -- essentially the father of observational comedy. Read all about his life and work here.

Andy Kaufman - Profile
As a stand-up comedian and performance artist, Andy Kaufman was a total original. Never a traditional joke teller, Kaufman instead gained notoriety by developing bizarre characters and performing outlandish stunts. Read about the unusual life and career of this "song and dance man."

Martin Short - Biography
Martin Short is the ever comedian to appear in the casts of both Saturday Night Live and SCTV. Read about his life and work here.

Richard Pryor - Biography
Richard Pryor might just be the best stand-up comedian of all time. Read all about this legendary comedian's life and work here.

Redd Foxx - Profile
Redd Foxx may be best known for his show Sanford and Son, but his influence on the comedy world is much larger and more lasting. Read all about this groundbreaking comic's fascinating life and career.

Redd Foxx Official Site
Check out the official website of the late, great Redd Foxx, a groundbreaking comic whose influence can still be heard on comics today.

Robin Williams - Biography
Comedian and actor Robin Williams is known for his manic, high energy, improvisational style. Read all about his life and work here.

Jonathan Winters - Biography
Jonathan Winters is a comedy legend who was a master of improvisational character comedy. Read all about his life and work here.

Sam Kinison - Profile
Sam Kinison was a lot of things -- preacher, comedian, would-be rock star -- but boring was never one of them. Read about this comic whose life was cut short, but whose signature scream lives on.

Sam Kinison Official Site
The official website of the late, great Sam Kinison, operated by his brother Bill Kinison.

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