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Jim Jefferies: Biography


Comedian Jim Jeffries
Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images


February 14, 1977

Jim Jefferies Overview:

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies has made a cottage industry out of bad behavior. Never one to shy away from a drink, a smoke or a fight, Jefferies' confessional comedy style has won him fans and acclaim the world over. After taking the United Kingdom by storm, Jefferies made his way to America and immediately established himself as one of the foremost voices in edgy comedy, knowing just how to push the buttons of his audience (one time even getting assaulted on stage by an angry fan) and bring the house down with his brutal, unflinching honesty.

Quick Jim Jefferies Facts:

  • Jim Jefferies (born Geoff Nugent) was born in Sydney, New South Wales Australia.
  • Before he was a household name in America, Jefferies sold out every night of a week-long run during the 2007 Just for Laughs Montreal festival.
  • His big break in the U.S. came after his hour-long stand-up special, I Swear to God, debuted on HBO in 2009.
  • In 2013, Jefferies began starring on his own semi-autobiographical sitcom, Legit on the FX network, which he also co-created.

Jim Jefferies Stand-up Specials:

  • Contraband (2008)
  • I Swear to God (2009)
  • Alcoholocaust (2010)
  • Fully Functional (2012)

Additional Jim Jefferies Facts:

  • While performing onstage at the Manchester Comedy Store in 2006, Jefferies was attacked by an audience member who was angry after Jefferies argued with a heckler. Footage of the attack went viral.
  • He has performed at Just for Laughs Chicago as part of The Nasty Show alongside Louis CK, Nick DiPaolo and the late Patrice O'Neal (Read a review of The Nasty Show).
  • He is a regular guest on The Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM satellite radio.
  • Jefferies supposedly has a phobia towards bananas.

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