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Doug Benson - Biography


Comedian Doug Benson Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


May 7, 1964

Doug Benson Overview:

Comedian Doug Benson's biggest passions are movies and marijuana, and a great deal of comedy is based on each of them -- from his film, Super High Me to his regular "I Love Movies" podcast. A regular contributor to VH1 series like Best Week Ever (where he plays the "Pop Culture Bachelor"), Benson's humor is rooted in deadpan absurdity. His silliness sometimes masks a deconstructionist intelligence in his act, meaning his comedy is often way smarter than you might initially realize. Also, he's hilarious.

Quick Doug Benson Facts:

  • Doug Benson started doing stand-up on a dare at an L.A. comedy club at age 22.
  • He is a regular contributor to VH1 pop culture series like I Love the... and Best Week Ever.
  • Benson created and starred in his own comic documentary, Super High Me, in 2008.
  • His first stand-up album, Professional Humoredian, was releasd in 2008.
  • In 2010, Comedy Central picked up The Benson Interruption, a stand-up series based on the comedians popular live show.

Doug Benson Comedy Albums:

Additional Doug Benson Facts:

  • Benson was a contestant on the fifth season of the NBC reality series Last Comic Standing, where he finished sixth.
  • In 2004, Benson (an avowed marijuana enthusiast) co-wrote and starred in the off-Broadway comedy show The Marijuana-Logues. Comedy Central released a cast recording of the show in 2004.
  • High Times named Benson "Stoner of the Year" in 2006.
  • He hosts regular podcast called "I Love Movies" at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles and is a regular participant in Comedy Death-Ray.
  • As a kid, Benson was an extra in Michael Jackson's Captain E/O, a 3-D film that ran at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center.

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