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Jim Breuer - Profile


Comedian Jim Breuer Photo courtesy Comedy Central


June 21, 1967

Jim Breuer Overview:

Most people probably recognize comedian Jim Breuer from his days on Saturday Night Live or his perpetually-stoned performance in 1998's Half Baked. But Breuer -- who doesn't actually do drugs, despite looking like he's high all the time -- has been doing stand-up since the 1980s. His act is almost entirely personal, as he tells stories about his experiences in Hollywood and, mostly, the trials and tribulations of raising children. The one-time "heavy metal comedian" has softened; though his comedy is still very physical, it's also surprisingly warm and consistently funny.

Quick Jim Breuer Facts:

  • Jim Breuer was born and raised in Valley Stream, New York.
  • In 1995, he joined the all-new cast of Saturday Night Live. He stayed on for three seasons before leaving in 1998.
  • He began performing stand-up comedy around New York right after graduating high school in the mid-'80s.
  • His famous characters on SNL included "Goat Boy" and Joe Pesci.
  • In 1998, he starred in the cult comedy hit Half Baked alongside Dave Chappelle.
  • His first comedy special, Jim Breuer: Harcore, premiered in 2002.
  • The same year, Breuer released a concert film called Heavy Metal Comedy.
  • He began hosting his own radio show, "Breuer Unleashed," on SIRIUS Satellite Radio in 2004.
  • Breuer's third comedy special, Let's Clear the Air premiered on Comedy Central in 2009.
  • Additional Jim Breuer Facts:

    • Jim Breuer was ranked 91st in a Comedy Central poll of the 100 greatest stand-up comics of all time.
    • After the SIRIUS/XM merger in 2008, "Breuer Unleashed" was changed to "Fridays with Jim Breuer," with the comedian hosting his show only once a week.
    • In addition to Half Baked, Breuer has had small roles in films such as Dick, Once in the Life (a dramatic role) and Artie Lange's Beer League.
    • In 2006, he replaced comedian Patrice O'Neal as the host of Web Junk 20 on VH1.
    • Breuer was cast in the pilot for ABC's Clerks, based on the Kevin Smith film, but the series never made it to air.
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