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Funny or Die Presents - Profile


Eric Slovin and Leo Allen on Funny or Die Presents on HBO

Eric Slovin and Leo Allen appear on the HBO sketch comedy series Funny or Die Presents.

Photo courtesy HBO


February 19, 2010



Funny or Die Presents Overview:

Spawned from the hugely successful Funny or Die website, the HBO series Funny or Die Presents is a sketch comedy without any real theme or format. It collects sketches from a huge number of comedians, writers and actors in an "anything goes" environment -- meaning that the only thing the pieces have in common is that they're funny (otherwise, they would die). The series is executive produced by Funny or Die creators Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Andrew Steele.

Comedians and actors appearing in early episodes of Funny or Die Presents include Will Ferrell (reprising his recurring role on the website as Abraham Lincoln), Don Cheadle, Paul Scheer, Rob Riggle and Fred Willard.

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