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Break Into Stand-up


Learn the basics of stand-up comedy, including how to break into stand-up, stand-up comedy history history and where it's performed across the country.
  1. How to Break Into Stand-up Comedy
  2. History of Stand-up Comedy
  3. Glossary
  4. Comedy Clubs and Venues
  5. Comedy Festivals and Tours

How to Break Into Stand-up Comedy

Before you start your career as a professional stand-up comedian, read these helpful tips about creating and working out material, climbing the comedy club ladder, what to do when you bomb and more.

History of Stand-up Comedy

Learn about the roots and early pioneers of stand-up comedy, from the classic days of radio comics through the birth of the comedy club in the 1970s, the stand-up boom of the 1980s (and subsequent collapse in the 1990s) and the modern-day "alternative" comedy movement.


Learn the meanings behind all those words and phrases you hear thrown around when talking about comedy.

Comedy Clubs and Venues

Read these profiles of famous comedy clubs across the country, as well as other venues to check out comedy, from stand-up to sketch comedy to improvisation.

Comedy Festivals and Tours

Wondering where to hear your favorite stand-up comedians? Or how to find new comedians you might not know of? Learn where to find your favorite comedians on tour, at festivals and more.

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