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Reviews of Stand-up Specials, Movies, DVDs, Books and Albums


Wondering where to find works by your favorite comedian? Looking for a great album or special from a comedian you haven't heard? Read up on these reviews of stand-up specials, movies, books and albums by stand-up comedians.
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  2. Comedy Albums
  3. Latest Movies Starring Comedians
  4. Documentaries Featuring Comedians
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  2. TV Shows Starring Comedians
  3. Books
  4. Recommendation Lists

Stand-up Comedy Specials

Check out reviews of both classic and current stand-up comedy specials on cable and DVD.

Comedy Albums

Read reviews of albums from your favorite comedians or decide whether or not you'll check out a comedian you've never heard before.

Latest Movies Starring Comedians

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star in Zack and Miri

As long as movies have been around, comedians have been trying to break in. Some, like Charlie Chaplin, become legendary pioneers of the medium. Others only get the chance to make Chairman of the Board. Read both theatrical and DVD reviews of movies starring comedians.

Documentaries Featuring Comedians

Read reviews of these documentaries and non-fiction films about comedians and comedy (and sometimes Comedians Of Comedy).


Check out these reviews of TV shows featuring comedians available on DVD.

TV Shows Starring Comedians

Read all about TV shows featuring comedians, from stand-up showcases to sitcoms to sketch comedies.


Book art for Too Fat to Fish by Artie Lange

Read reviews of books written by and about comedians.

Recommendation Lists

Wondering who are the best insult comedians of all time? Or which are the funniest movies Steve Martin ever made? Check out these comedy lists for those answers and more.

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