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Top 10 Lists

See if you agree with these top 10 lists of all things comedy, from the best sketch comedy shows of all time to the 10 best Bill Murray movies.

Five Stand-up Concert Movies Worth Checking Out
Read this list of five stand-up comedy concert films you should see, from Bill Cosby to Kevin Hart.

Five Comedians Who Use Props
Not every stand-up comic takes the stage with just a microphone. Here are five comics who bring stuff on stage with them, from puppets to props to magic tricks.

The Five Funniest Chevy Chase Movies
Chevy Chase was an icon of comedy in the 1980s. What are his five funniest movies? Read here to find out.

The Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2012
What are the 10 best comedy albums of 2012? Find out here.

Kristen Wiig's 10 Most Popular 'SNL' Characters
From 2005 - 2012, Kristen Wiig was one of the biggest stars on Saturday Night Live thanks to her deep arsenal of popular recurring characters. Check out this list of 10 of her most famous ones.

The Best Comedy Albums of 2011
2011 was a pretty great year for comedy albums, with a strong mix of releases from both veteran comics and terrific debuts from some new voices. These are the 10 best comedy albums of the year.

10 Best Sitcoms Based Around Comedians
From The Cosby Show to Seinfeld to Roseanne, check out this list of the best TV sitcoms to be built around a single comedian.

Comedians Who Tried (and Failed) to Become Movie Stars
A lot of comedians successfully made the leap from stand-up comedy to the screen. A lot have also tried and failed. Check out this list of comedians who tried and failed to become movie stars.

The Top Five Most Sarcastic Comedians
Check out this list of the most sarcastic comedians working in stand-up today.

10 Essential Musical Comedians
Musical comedy can be a hard thing to pull off. Not only do you have to be funny, but you also have to be a good singer, play an instrument and write songs that are worth listening to over and over again. The comedians on this list make it look easy. They're the 10 essential musical comedians you should know.

The Top 5 Musical Comedy Teams
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Favorite Mitch Hedberg Jokes - Reader Submitted Mitch Hedberg Jokes -…
Have you got a favorite joke or quote from the late, great deadpan comedian Mitch Hedberg? Here's the place to share your favorite.

Mitch Hedberg Jokes
Read a list of the best jokes and quotes from the late, great stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg.

10 Buddy Cop Movies Starring Comedians
Buddy cop...

Comedians Who Have Won Oscars
Want to see which comedians have been nominated for Academy Awards and which ones have won? Check out this list to see how comics have fared on Hollywood's biggest night.

Five Funny Comedians Who Work Clean
Want to find some stand-up comedy without any foul language? Check out this list of five hilarious stand-up comedians who work clean.

The Best Debut Comedy Albums of 2009
2009 was a terrific year for stand-up comedy albums, both from established greats like Patton Oswalt and Jim Gaffigan as well as from younger comedians announcing themselves on the scene. These five newcomers had the best debut releases of 2009.…

The Breakout Comedians of the 2000s
From Dane Cook to Jeff Dunham, several comedians really hit it big in the 2000s. Check out the breakout comedy stars of the decade.

2009 Gift Guide for Comedy Fans
Trying to think of what to buy the comedy fan in your life? Look no further than this gift guide for comedy fans.

Top 10 Essential Stand-up Comedians
Whether you're a die-hard fan of stand-up comedy or a total newbie, here's 10 comedians you ought to be familiar with. They may not be the most groundbreaking or original or even the funniest (that's a matter of opinion, after all), but they're ones making the biggest splash in the comedy scene today.

The Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches
Saturday Night Live has been goofing on Christmas since it began in 1975, turning out new classic Christmas sketches (and many not-so-classic) every December. Take a look at this list collection 10 of the best Christmas and holiday sketches in Saturday Night Live history.

10 Comedian Podcasts You Should Listen To
Check out this list of 10 comedian podcasts you should be listening to.

10 Essential Blue Collar Comedians
Blue Collar comedy is a hugely popular movement in stand-up, inspiring countless tours, TV series and launching several successful comedy careers. But do you know who the Blue Collar comedians are? Here's a great place to start: check out this list of 10 essential Blue Collar Comedians, featuring many favorites and a few …

Best Comedy Albums of 2009 - 2009 Comedy Albums - Best Stand-up Comed…
Share your picks for the best stand-up comedy albums of 2009.

The Best Comedy Albums of 2009 (So Far)
2009 may be only a little more than half over, but it's been a pretty great year for stand-up comedy albums. Check out this list of the best of the year so far -- and, if you haven't already heard them, be sure to seek them out.

Stand-up on Film: 10 Movies About Stand-up Comedy
There haven't been many movies made about stand-up comedy -- possibly because it's not the most visual medium. What few films there are seem to paint most comedians as depressing, talentless dreamers or borderline sociopaths. Still, there are a few films on this list that stand out as loving tributes to stand-up. There's a good deal of...

Favorite Stand-up Comedy Movies - Movies About Stand-up Comedy - Favo…
Here's your chance to share your favorite movie about stand-up comedy, or even just a favorite stand-up comedy scene from a movie.

10 Movies Based on 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches
For a show that prides itself on being the first name in comedy, Saturday Night Live inspired some of the worst comedies released in the 1990s (when SNL films were the most abundant). Check out this list and see how it all went downhill after 'Wayne's World.'

The Top 5 Insult Comedians
Insult comedy is tricky balancing act: though it may be easy to make fun of people, it's a lot harder to consistently be funny and original while doing it, and almost impossible to base an entire career on. Check out this list of the best insult comedians of all time. Just make sure you don't sit in the front row of one their shows.

20 Holiday Movies Starring Comedians
There are a whole lot of holiday movies starring comedians, either because they provide a great way for comedians to break into movies (with built-in "family" audiences) or because holiday movies are so busy getting stuffed with good cheer and warm feelings that they fall short on comic relief. Whatever the reason, check out this list to see...

10 Politically-Themed Comedies Starring Comedians
Political comedy films starring comedians aren't always very successful. Check out this list of 10 successful and unsuccessful politically-themed comedies starring comedians.

Top 10 Political Comedians
Check out this countdown of the 10 best political comedians and see if you agree with the results.

20 Horror Films Starring Comedians
When comedians branch out into movies, they'll usually try and stick to what they know best: comedy. Occasionally, though, comedians will be tapped to star in horror films -- with mixed results, at best. Here's a list of 20 comics who've tried their hand at bringing the scary.

Top 5 Bill Murray Comedies
Bill Murray went from being one of the all-time great cast members of Saturday Night Live to being one of the all-time great comedy movie stars. Now, here are the Top 5 Funniest Bill Murray Comedies, which, incidentally, are also some of the best comedies of the '80s and '90s.

The Top 10 'Mr. Show' Sketches
It would be impossible to rank the "top 10" sketches from HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David. Instead, take a look at 10 great sketches from one of the best sketch shows of all time.

Top 5 Steve Martin Comedies
Steve Martin's comedies range from great (The Jerk) to decent (L.A. Story) to forgettable (HouseSitter) to downright awful (Bringing Down the House). This list is populated mostly by films from the first half of his career, when he was appealing to older audiences -- and, frankly, being funnier.

Top 9 Sketch Comedy Shows of the 1990s
The 1990s were the most prolific decade for TV sketch comedy. From long-lasting network giants like Saturday Night Live to basic cable cult shows like The State and Upright Citizens Brigade , it was almost impossible to avoid sketch shows during the '90s. But were any of them any good? Check out this list of the decade's best sketch shows.

The Five Funniest Adam Sandler Movies
Check out this list of Adam Sandler's five funniest movies.

The Best Comedy Albums of 2010 (So Far)
Though 2010 hasn't proved as good a year for stand-up comedy albums as 2009 was (at this point, anyway), that doesn't mean that there haven't been several albums already released this year that are worth your attention. Check out this list of the year's best comedy albums so far.

The Top Five Funniest Will Ferrell Movies
Will Ferrell is arguably the biggest comedy star of the 2000s (taking over from previous title holders like Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler ), and though some of his films eventually began to repeat themselves, there's no denying that he's been responsible for some of the funniest films of the decade. Here are five of the former Saturday Night Live...

Comics to Film: Comedians Who Became Movie Stars
It's not easy for stand-up comics to break into films, and many of those that do are relegated to playing "best friend" and comic relief...

Gone Too Soon: 10 Comedians Who Died Before Their Time

There are comics who work for decades and never produce anything of value, and then there are comics who are brilliant but who die tragically before the world really has a chance to see the full extent of what they are capable. Here are 10 comedians whose died too young and whose potentially brilliant careers were cut short.


2010 Gift Guide for Comedy Fans

Trying to think of what to buy the comedy fan in your life? Look no further than this gift guide for comedy fans.

The Five Funniest Eddie Murphy Movies
Eddie Murphy is one of the most successful and talented comedic movie stars of all time. Check out this list of the five funniest movies from a career that spans over 30 years.

The Five Worst Adam Sandler Movies
Check out the five worst movies from Adam Sandler.

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